Jūratė Lekstutienė

Jūratė Šerepkaitė

Master of Law and Bioethics, Lecturer of Medical Ethics, Assistant at the Department.



Publications from the ISI Web of Sciences database

  • Gefenas E., Cekanauskaite A., Lekstutiene J., Lukaseviciene V. Application challenges of the new EU Clinical Trials Regulation. European journal of clinical pharmacology, 2017, pp. 1-4. ISSN: 0031-6970 ; DOI: 10.1007/s00228-017-2267-6.
  • Serepkaite J., Valuckiene Z., Gefenas E. ‘Mirroring’ the Ethics of Biobanking: What Analysis of Consent Documents Can Tell Us? Science and Engineering Ethics, 2013, p. 1471-5546.
  • Gefenas E., Dranseika V., Serepkaite J., Cekanauskaite A., Caenazzo L., Gordijn B., Pegoraro R., Yuko E. Turning Residual Human Biological Materials into Research Collections: Playing with Consent. Journal of Medical Ethics, 2012, no.38, p. 351-355.

Other publications

  • Gefenas E., Dranseika V., Cekanauskaite A., Serepkaite J. Research on Human Biological Materials: What Consent is Needed and When. In: Christian Lenk, Judit Sandor and Bert Gordijn (eds.) Biobanks and Tissue Research. Springer, Series: The international library of ethics, law and technology, 2011, p. 95-110.

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