Department of Medical History and Ethics is a unit of the Institute of Public Health at the Medical Faculty of Vilnius University. The Department was established in 2002. Since its establishment the Department has been chaired by Prof. Dr. Eugenijus Gefenas.

The main mission of the department is to introduce medical humanities into the curriculum of future health care professionals.

This mission is being fulfilled by the following activities:

  1. Preparation of medical history and bioethics training aids and educational syllabi
  2. Initiating and organizing research in the field of bioethics and history of medicine
  3. International collaboration
  4. Promoting bioethics and the history of medicine in Lithuania

The Department also hosts Museum of the History of Medicine.

The Department takes an active part in international collaboration. One example of such a collaboration is the Regional Bioethics Information Centre supported by UNESCO. It was established at the premises of the Department in 2004.

What’s new:

  • On the 3rd of February – the 19th of March dr. Aistis Žalnora participated in the exhibition Citynature: Vilnius and Beyond” (National Gallery of Art). The exhibition was a showcase for art and scientific research which reflected the city not solely as a man-made creation, but rather as an ecosystem where human activity is in a constant interplay with processes of both an animate and inanimate nature. Click here for an review.
  • Prof. dr. Eugenijus Gefenas participated in The Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) Working Group which on the 26th of November revised and accepted International Ethical Guidelines for Health-Related Research Involving Humans. Guidelines can be found here.
  • On the 24th of November Dr. Aistis Žalnora attended the International Meeting of “The 5th readings of  A. Sniadecki (1768-1838)”.
  • On the 8th – 9th of October Dr. Aistis Žalnora attended the International Scientific Conference of “The history of medicine in medical journals and more …” in Opinogura (Poland) and presented a paper: “The activity of the Department of Medical History of Medical Faculty of Vilnius University in years of 1922-1939″.

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