The following medical humanities and social science courses are taught:

  • Bioethics
  • Bioethics and Health Ethics
  • Biomedical Research Ethics
  • Ethics
  • Medical Ethics
  • Medical History and Ethics
  • Medical History
  • History of Medicine and Odontology
  • Elements of Medical Law
  • Nursing History and Ethics
  • Health Law and Economics
  • Health Law
  • Elements of Law
  • Public Health Ethics and Law
  • History of Public Health

A course on Modern Medical Ethics was first introduced at the Medical Faculty in 1993 by prof. dr. E. Gefenas. Gradually the courses on Medical Ethics and Bioethics have been integrated into the curriculum of different study programs of both undergraduate and postgraduate levels: Public Health, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Ergotherapy. These courses are taught by prof. dr. E. Gefenas, assoc. prof. dr. E. Peičius, lect. dr. A. Čekanauskaitė,  assist. J. Lekstutienė, assist. N. Dambrauskaitė.

The courses on Health Law are taught by lect. R. Baranauskienė.

The History of Medicine is one of the oldest subjects at the Medical Faculty of Vilnius University. The course on History of Medicine was first introduced in the beginning of the XIXth century and taught by professors K. Porcijanka, A. Abicht, and A. F. Adamovičius. Since year 1970 lectures on the History of Medicine have been taught to the freshmen of the Faculty of Medicine by assoc. prof. dr. V. Miežutavičiūtė, and since year 2009 assoc. prof. dr. A. Bagdonavičius too.

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