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Autoriai: P.W.J. BARTRIP
Metai: 2002
ISBN: 9042012188
Leidykla: Amsterdam ; New York : Rodopi
Brūkšninis kodas: 003075227235
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     This book is the first in-depth study of occupational health in nineteenth and early-twentieth century Britain. As such it is an important contribution to the burgeoning literature on the history of health in the workplace. It focuses on the first four diseases to receive bureaucratic and legislative recognition: lead, arsenic and phosphorus poisoning and anthrax. As such it traces the emergence of medical knowledge and growth in public concern about the impact of these diseases in several major industries including pottery manufacture, matchmaking, wool-sorting and the multifarious trades in which arsenic was used as a raw material. It considers the process of state intervention taking due account of the influence of government inspectors, 'moral entrepreneurs' and various interest groups.

i List of Tables
iii Acknowledgments
1 1 Introduction
59 2 Lead: The Road to Regulation
81 3 The White Lead Trade
101 4 Pottery and Earthenware
137 5 A Kind of Dread: Arsenic and Occupational Health
171 6 'The Poorest of the Poor and the Lowest of the Low': Lucifer Matches and 'Phossy Jaw'
233 7 A Huge Bacterial Bubble: Anthrax in Industry
267 8 Conclusion
297 Works Cited
325 Index
List of Tables

93 3.1: Lead Poisoning and Employment in Five Newcastle-upon-Tyne Factories
119 4.1: United Kingdom Industrial Lead Poisoning Statistics, 1896-1914
124 4.2: UK Imports of Pig and Sheet Lead (tons), 1896-1914
124 4.3: UK White Lead Exports and Imports, 1903-1913 (metric tons)
160 5.1: Occupational Arsenic Poisoning. Cases Reported to Factory Inspectorate, 1896-1914
173 6.1: Location of and Employment in Lucifer Match Making in 1896
174 6.2: Regional Concentration of the Match Industry in 1896 184 6.3: Fifty-Nine Necrosis Victims Identified by Bristowe
205 6.4: Cases of Phosphorus Poisoning Reported to the Factory Inspectorate, 1896-1914
234 7.1: Total Number of Farm Animals Attacked by Anthrax, 1887-1902 (three year intervals)
245 7.2: Cases of Occupational Anthrax Reported to the Factory Inspectorate, 1896-1919

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