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ISBN: 90-420-1641-8
Brūkšninis kodas: 003 07522712 9
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     This book aims to extend upon the growing body of literature concerned with dying and death. The book analyses various experiences and representations of dying and death from the perspective of academic disciplines as div sociology, anthropology, and literature. The rationale for this is simple. As objects of study dying and death cannot be usefully reduced to a single academic perspective. One cannot hope to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of dying and death by gazing at them through a single lens. Bringing various perspectives in a single volume aims to both accurately record those enduring properties of the phenomena, such as mourning and fear, whilst simultaneously analysing the diversity and heterogeneity of human beings' attempts to come to terms with this most forbidding of existential horizons....

At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries seeks to encourage and promote cutting edge interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary projects and inquiry. By bringing people together from differing contexts, disciplines, professions, and vocations, the aim is to engage in conversations that are innovative, imaginative, and creatively interactive.
     Inter-Disciplinary dialogue enables people to go beyond the boundaries of what they usually encounter and share in perspectives that are new, challenging, and ichly rewarding. This kind of dialogue often illuminates one's own area of work, is suggestive of new possibilities for development, and creates exciting horizons for future conversations with persons from a wide variety of national and international settings.
     By sharing cross-disciplinary insights and perspectives, ATI/PTB publications are designed to be both exploratory examinations of particular areas and issues, and rigorous inquiries into specific subjects. Books in the series are enabling resources which will encourage sustained and creative dialogue, and become the future resource for further inquiries and research.

1 Introduction
Andrew Fagan
11 Life in the Heart Asa Kasher
31 Sorrow Unconsoling and Inconsolable Sorrow: Grief as a Moral and Religious Practice Darlene Fozard Weaver
51 Understanding Our Pain: The Experiences of African American Women Through the Death and Dying Process Clarice Ford
67 Terror of Death in the Wake of September 1 lth: Is this the End of Death Denial? Kate Arthur
89 Kafka's God Of Suffocation: The Futility Of 'Facing'Death
David Johnson
107 Personal and Collective Fears of Death: A Complex Intersection for Cancer Survivors Heather McKenzie
125 Last Matters: The Latent Meanings of Contemporary Funeral Rites Mira Crouch
141 Neither Dead-Nor-Alive: Organ Donation and the Paradox of 'Living Corpses' Vera Kalitzkus

157 Avoidable Death: Multiculturalism and Respecting Patient Autonomy Andrew Fagan
175 The "Euthanasia Underground" and its Implications for the Harm Minimization Debate: an Australian Perspective Roger S Magnusson
197 "Suicides Have a Special Language": Practicing Literary
Suicide with Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, and John Berryman
Clare Emily Clifford
209 Time To Die: The Temporality of Death and the Philosophy of Singularity Gary Peters

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