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ISBN: 0-7637-2341-X
Brūkšninis kodas: 003075047840
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     The social debate and resulting moratorium by the Bush Administration against federal funding for research involving the creation of human embryos for stem cell therapy prompted the writing of this text. The emerging field of human embryonic stem cell biomedicine crosses many disciplinary boundaries�cell biology, reproductive biology, embryology, molecular biology, endocrinology, immunology, fetal medicine, transplantation medicine, and surgery. This single reference provides basic information from these multiple disciplines as it pertains to the science of stem cells.
     Human Embryonic Stem Cells was written for readers with a basic understanding of cell biology, including medical students, physicians, nurses, veterinarians, and other biomedical scientists who may not be familiar with stem cell science. Due to the newness of the field, some historical perspective is included in the form of scientific endeavors that advanced the field. Some chapters also contain more advanced descriptions of what is known about some cell processes.
     Key historical developments arc presented throughout the text as sidebars enhancing understanding of how the field evolved and providing scientific details important to understanding overall biology.
     Each chapter addresses which important scientific facts are still in need of discovery.
     Diseases that may be treated by stem cell therapy are discussed.
     A final chapter on ethical issues brings sound science to the debate.

PART 1 1 The Basics
3 Chapter 1 The Nature of Stem Cells
13 Chapter 2 The Dividing Cell
PART II 27 Egg Specific Functions
29 Chapter 3 The Egg
41 Chapter 4 The Activated Egg
53 Chapter 5 The Zygote
65 Chapter 6 Blastomere Cleavage
81 Chapter 7 Early Nuclear Transfer Technology
PART III 93 Embryonic Stem Cells
95 Chapter 8 The Blastocyst and Inner Cell Mass Cells
109 Chapter 9 Organogenesis
123 Chapter 10 Mammalian Nuclear Transfer Technology
141 Chapter 11 Stem Cell Differentiation
PART IV 153 Stem Cell Therapies
155 Chapter 12 Neurogenerative Diseases
169 Chapter 13 Tissue Systems Failures
PART V 181 Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Society
183 Chapter 14 The Religious, Legal, Ethical, and Scientific Debate

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