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ISBN: 0-19-517178-0
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     "This book provides comprehensive and authoritative insight into the ethical issues of conducting research involving children as participants. Organizing the topical discussion of chapters around specific cases greatly facilitates the understanding of important ethical concepts. The book makes a significant contribution to the education of clinical pediatric investigators and IRB members and to the ethical conduct of research on the health and illness of children."
- Richard E. Behrman, MD, Chair, Committee on the Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Children, Institute of Medicine, 2004
     "Eric Kodish has spent his career treating children with cancer, doing research on pediatric cancers, and reflecting on the ethics of research with children. Kodish has enlisted an all-star roster of pediatrician-ethicists and other distinguished, thoughtful scholars to create an unusual and uncommonly useful book. Replete with case studies and careful ethical analysis, this is a wonderful resource for anyone serious about the ethics of research with children."
- Thomas H. Murray, PhD, President, The Hastings Center
     "This is an important and timely book. As pediatric clinical investigation expands, it is vital to review the ethical underpinnings of studies in children, and to take on challenges of the ethics of ever more complex clinical trials and interventions. The format of the book, presenting case studies at the beginning of each chapter, immediately draws the reader into 'ethical dialogue' and makes reading subsequent analyses vastly more meaningful. This book will be a meaningful read by all who care for the welfare of children."

xiii Contributors
1 3 Ethics and Research With Children: An Introduction Eric Kodish
Part I Research Involving Healthy Children
2 29 Evaluating Benefits and Harms
in Research on Healthy Children Paul B. Miller and Charles VJeijer
3 46 Optimizing Risks and Benefits:
The Case of Rotavirus Vaccine
Susan E. Coffin and Robert M. Nelson
4 63 Bioethics Meets the Barrio: Community-Based Research Involving Children
Molly Martin and ]ohn Lantos
5 77 Adolescent Research and Parental Permission
Lauren K. Collogan and Alan R. Fleischman
6 100 Recruitment of Pregnant, Minor Adolescents and Minor Adolescents at Risk of Pregnancy into Longitudinal, Observational Research: The Case of the National Children's Study •
Jonn Santelli, Gail Geller, Donna T. Chen, Marjorie A. Speers, leffrey R. Botkin, and Stacy Laswell

Part II Research Involving At-Risk Children

7 123 The Ethics of Newborn Screening Diabetes Research
Lainie Friedman Ross
8 143 Payments for Participation of Children in Research
Douglas S. Diekema
9 161 Justice, Lead, and Environmental Research
Involving Children
Robert M. Nelson
10 179 Behavioral Research With Children:
The Fenfluramine Challenge
Gerald P. Koocher
11 94 The Ethics of Predictive Genetic Testing
in Prevention Trials Involving Adolescents
Gail Celler
Part III Research Involving Children With Serious Illness
12 223 Research Ethics and Maternal-Fetal Surgery
Rebecca Dresser
13 1 Testing Drugs in Developing Countries:
Pediatric Research Ethics in an International Context
Michelle Eder
14 262 Research and Innovation in Pediatric Surgery:
The Problem of Hypoplastic Left-Heart Syndrome
Erin Flanagan-Klygis and ]oel E. Frader
15 274 Near the Boundary of Research:
Roles, Responsibilities, and Resource Allocation
Christopher Church, Victor M. Santana, Pamela S. Hinds, and Edwin M. Horwitz
16 294 Children and Placebos
Jessica Wilen Berg
17 310 When Eligibility Criteria Clash With Personal Treatment
Choice-. A Dilemma of Clinical Research
Benjamin Wil/ond and Yabio Candotti
18 323 Involving Children With Life-Shortening Illnesses in
Decisions About Participation in Clinical Research:
A Proposal for Shuttle Diplomacy and Negotiation
Myra Bluebond-Langner, Amy DeCicco, and }ean Belasco

345 Index

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