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Autoriai: LEON R. KASS, M.D.
ISBN: 1-893554-55-4
Brūkšninis kodas: 003075097623
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     Leon Kass has spent his career taking serious questions seriously, and our national debate on bioethics is the richer for it. At the root of these matters is the fundamental question of what it means to be a human being. Kass's reflections on this topic are informed not only by his training as a scientist but by the wisdom of philosophy, theology and common sense. He is possibly the most thoughtful person in America on the issues discussed in this book.
     - William Bennett;  In a time when many professional bioethicists have become sophisticated apologists for the scientific community or for the biotech industry, I.eon Kass is one of the few who have kept a persistent focus on the central moral issues raised by technological change. A thinker with a marvelous ability to write, teach and engage, he has written a book that is indispensable for understanding the past and future of the biotech revolution.
     - Francis Fukuyama, author of The End of History and the Last Man and Our Posthuman Future Life, Liberty ami the Defense of Dignity is the wisest of the burgeoning crop of bioethics books the single best resource for anyone who wants to understand how biotechnology is changing our way of life. I.eon Kass exposes, as only a scientist deeply grounded in the humanities can, the far-reaching implications for our polity of man's increasing mastery over nature.
     - Mary Ann Glendon; Learned Hand Professor of Law, Harvard University

1 Introduction
Nature and Purposes of Technology and Ethics
29 Chapter 1: The Problem of Technology
and Liberal Democracy
55 Chapter 2: Practicing Ethics: Where's the Action?
Ethical Challenges from Biotechnology
Life and Lineage: Genetics and the Beginning of Life
81 Chapter 3: The Meaning of Life—in the Laboratory
119 Chapter 4: The Age of Genetic Technology Arrives
141 Chapter 5: Cloning and the Posthuman Future
Body and Soul: Parts and Whole in the Midst of Life
177 Chapter 6: Organs for Sale? Propriety,
Property and the Price of Progress
Death and Immortality: Staying Human at the End of Life
201 Chapter 7: Is There a Right to Die?
231 Chapter 8: Death with Dignity and the Sanctity of Life
257 Chapter 9: L'Chaim and Its Limits:
Why Not Immortality?
Nature and Purposes of Biology
277 Chapter 10: The Permanent Limitations of Biology
299 Acknowledgments
301 Notes
307 Index

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