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ISBN: 0-471-92634-5
Brūkšninis kodas: 4202171
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     Changing Values in Medical and Health Care Decision Making charts the progress of changing values in medical and health care decision making, particularly as a result of economic and financial pressures. It evaluates concepts such as risk and need, whose values are relevant to which decisions, the changing emphasis of medicine and the relevance of value judgments in clinical decisions. This is looked at from a number of different perspectives, disciplines and nationalities, to give a cross-disciplinary, international approach; and in addition to medical aspects, philosophical, legal and economic issues are discussed, providing a focus and stimulus for debate.
     This book will be of immense interest and great value to doctors, health professionals, medical sociologists, health care managers, epidemiologists, and medical students, and will provide a fascinating insight into the changing concepts
of medical decision making.

Contributors vii
Foreword P.J. Thung ix
Chapter 1. Changing values: Autonomy and paternalism in medicine and health care 1
Uffe Juul Jensen and Gavin Mooney
Chapter 2. Commodities, needs and health care: A communal perspective 17
Erich H. Loewy
Chapter 3. Changing conceptions of medical ethics 33
Henk ten Have and Gerrit Kimsma
Chapter 4. The place of values in health care:
Reccuring themes in the philosophy of medicine 53
Ineke Widdershoven-Heerding
Chapter 5. Building networks:
A constructivist perspective on changes in medicine and health care 61
G.L. Wackers
Chapter 6. Medical decision analysis and the coming moral crisis in health care 81
R.J. Verkes and P.J. Thung
Chapter 7. Social changes and the perception of risks in medical practice 97
Roel Otten and Guy Widdershoven
Chapter 8. Health care need, values and change:
How changed values influence an evaluative concept 109
Per-Erik Liss and Lennart Nordenfelt
Chapter 9. Changing clinical practice: a case study in breast cancer 123
Kaija Holli, Matti Hakama and Gavin Mooney
Chapter 10. Retrenchment and values in a health organization 131
Helge Kjersem
Chapter 11. Hungarien health care: A challenge to medical values? 139
Tamas Angelus
Chapter 12. Medical malpractice phenomena:
Signals for changing medical and health care values 149
Inger Br¸dsgaard and Rod Moore
Chapter 13. Resource allocation in health care: The role of the courts 165
Kenneth McK. Norrie
Chapter 14. Changing values and changing policy 179
Gavin Mooney and Uffe Juul Jensen
Index 189

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