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ISBN: 1-85399-166-X
Brūkšninis kodas: 4202186
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     In this lively and approachable discussion, Mary Midgley turns a spotlight on the fashionable view that we no longer need or use moral judgements. Guiding the reader through the diverse approaches to this complex subject, she points out the strong, confident beliefs about such things as the value of freedom that underlie our supposed scepticism about values. She shows how the question of whether or not we can make moral judgements must inevitably affect our attitudes not only to the law and its institutions, but also to events that occur in our daily lives, and suggests that mistrust of moral judgement may be making life even harder for us than it would be otherwise.

Preface vi
Introduction vii
1. Can we base freedom on ignorance? 1
2. Starting from where we are 10
3. Why there is trouble over knowledge 16
4. Scepticism and liberty 26
5. Why must we not interfere? 31
6. The fear of society 37
7. The public side of morality 42
8. Individuals in the modern melting-pot 47
9. Individualism, solitude and privacy 57
10. Morality and harm 63
11. Rethinking relativism 71
12. How large is a culture? 81
13. Varieties of subjectivism 92
14. The problem of private validity 107
15. Social Darwinist egoism 114
16. Moving forward through the modern world 123
17. Doubts, reasonable and otherwise 127
18. What about values? 137
19. Back to the main question 146
20. How much have things changed? 156
Envoy 165
Index of proper names 166

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