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Pavadinimas: AIDS & ETHICS
Autoriai: Edited by FREDERIC G. REAMER
ISBN: 0-231-07359-3
Brūkšninis kodas: 4036670
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     "Focuses on three key ethical issues endemic to AIDS: confidentiality and privacy, access, and individual rights and duties. The volume offers a thorough, detailed analysis of specific areas in which these dilemmas are manifested, and illumates the nuances of each conflict." - Social Work in Health Care.

Preface ix
Contributors xv
1. AIDS: The relevance of ethics 1
Frederic G. Reamer
2. AIDS, Public Health, and Civil Liberties: Consensus and conflict in policy 26
Ronald Bayer
3. Mandatory HIV screening and testing 50
James F. Childress
4. AIDS and the ethics of human subject research 77
Carol Levine
5. AIDS and the crisis of Health Insurance 105
Gerald M. Oppenheimer and Robert A. Padgug
6. Ethical issues in AIDS education 128
Nora Kizer Bell
7. Ethics and militant AIDS activism 155
Courtney S. Campbell
8. AIDS and the physician-patient relationship 188
Robert J. Levine
9. AIDS and the obligations of Health Care professionals 215
Abigail Zuger
10. AIDS and privacy 240
Ferdinand Schoeman
11. AIDS and the law 277
Donald H. J. Hermann
Index 311

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