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ISBN: 0-19-875067-6
Brūkšninis kodas: 4202208
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     "The essays in this collection cover a range of issues of urgent practical concern in the field of ethics, including nuclear war and world famine, abortion and euthanasia, human equality, and the moral status of animals."
     Peter Singer is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Human Bioethics at Monash University

Introduction 1
I. Death 9
By Thimas Nagel
II. Of suicide 19
By David Hume
III. Active and passive euthanasia 29
By James Rachels
IV. A defence of abortion 37
By Judith Jarvis Thomson
V. Abortion and infanticide 57
By Michael Tooley
VI. The survival lottery 87
By John Harris
VII. Speech in favour of capital punishment (1868) 97
By John Stuart Mill
VIII. Judgment day 105
By Louis Pascal
IX. “It makes no difference whether or not I do it” 125
By Jonathan Glover
X. Overpopulation and the quality of life 145
By Derek Parfit
XI. What is wrong with slavery? 165
By R. M. Hare
XII. Separate spheres 185
By Janet Radcliffe Richards
XIII. All animal are equal 215
By Peter Singer
XIV. Games theory and the nuclear arms race 229
By Nicholas Measor
Notes and contributors 257
Bibliography 259
Index of names 263

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