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     Issues in bioethics, medicine, and healthcare continue to plague us as patients, as consumers, as citizens. Here, under one cover, are thirty of the most current and perspective articles, culled from key medical, ethical, philosophical, legal and theological journals. Dr. Shannon once again offers � to healthcare professionals and students alike access to this decades core bioethics questions, a spectrum of viewpoints, and a wealth of insight.

     The issues
     Abortion, fetal tissue research, reproductive technology, gene therapy, death with dignity, advance directives, physician assisted suicide, clinical research and consent, HIV/AIDS, privacy and disclosure, organ transplants, healthcare rationing.

Preface to the fourth edition 1
Introduction – thematic ethical issues 3
Thomas A. Shannon
Part one: Abortion and reproduction
1 An ethical challenge to prochoice advocates 21
Daniel Callahan
2 Reflection on the moral status of the pre-embryo 36
Thomas A. Shannon and Allan B. Wolter, O.F.M.
3 The choice in “Choose life” 61
Scott Aaron
4 HIV and pregnancy 69
Brenda Almond and Carole Ulanowsky
5 The argument for unlimited procreative liberty: A feminist critique 81
Maura A. Ryan, Ph.D.
6 Therapy or tampering: The ethics of reproductive technology and the
development of doctrine 97
Richard A. McCormick, S.J.
7 Ethical issues in manipulating the human germ line 123
Marc Lappé, Ph. D.
8 Human gene therapy: Why draw a line? 140
W. French Anderson
Part two: Death and dying
9 The burden and blessing of mortality 155
Hans Jonas
10 Death and dignity: A case of individualized decision making 167
Timothy E. Quill, M.D.
11 The PVS patient and the forgoing/withdrawing of medical nutrition
and hydration 173
Thomas A. Shannon and James J. Walter
12 Unsuccessful emergency medical resuscitation:
Are continued efforts in the emergency department justified? 199
William A. Gray, M.D., Robert J. Capone, M.D., and Albert S. Most, M.D.
13 Friend-of-the-Court brief for Larry James McAfee 213
The Atlanta Archdiocese
14 Living wills: Past, present, and future 224
Ezekiel J. Emanuel, M.D. and Linda L. Emanuel, M.D.
15 Initiative 119: What is at stake? 252
Albert R. Jonsen
Part three: Consent, therapy, and research
16 Deciding for others: Issues of consent 261
Andrew W. McThenia
17 Informed demand for “Non-beneficial” medical treatment 280
Steven H, Miles, M.D.
18 Balancing moral principles in federal regulations on human research 286
Terrence F. Ackerman
19 Building a new consensus:
Ethical principles and policies for clinical research on HIV/AIDS 300
Carol Levine, M.A., Nancy Neveloff Dubler, LL.B., and Robert J. Levine, M.D.
20 Is consent useful when resuscitation isn’t? 342
Giles R. Scofield
21 Privacy and disclosure in medical genetics examined in an ethics of care 358
Dorothy C. Wertz, Ph. D. and John C. Fletcher, Ph. D.
Part four: Public policy issues
22 Toward a feminist theory of disability 381
Susan Wendell
23 Quality-adjusted life-years: Ethical implications for physicians and policymakers 404
John La Puma, M.D. and Edward F. Lawlor, Ph.D.
24 The Oregon priority-setting exercise: Quality of life and public policy 419
David C. Hadorn
25 Ethics, public policy, and human fetal tissue transplantation research 434
James F. Childress, Ph.D.
26 Routine inquiry about organ donation: An alternative to presumed consent 461
Robert M. Veatch, Ph. D.
27 Organs for sale? Propriety, and the price of progress 468
Leon R. Kass, M.D.
28 Which ills to bear? Reevaluating the “Threat” of modern genetics 488
Alexander Morgan Capron
29 Public health policy and the AIDS epidemic: An end to HIV exceptionalism? 517
Ronald Bayer, Ph. D.
30 An ethical framework for rationing health care 527
Nancy S. Jecker, Ph. D., and Robert A. Pearlman, M.D., M.P.H.

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