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Metai: 1989
ISBN: 0394380606
Leidykla: New York : Random House
Brūkšninis kodas: 4002874
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     Many ethical issues confront contemporary society. In response to this, over the last two decades or so, many philosophers have returned to an examination of ethical problems. Enrollments in ethics courses have increased, and various courses on specialized topics bioethics, business ethics, professional ethics have developed. Yet the majority of students still take only one general course in ethics. This book has been designed to acquaint introductory students with ethical theory as well as to present to them various approaches to interesting topics of practical concern.

Preface V
General introduction: The importance and possibility of ethics 1
Part I: Theories 15
1. Natural law and natural rights 17
Introduction 17
Saint Thomas Aquinas
The virtues and natural law 29
German Grisez and Russell Shaw
A contemporary account of the virtuous life 33
class="kn_bibl_auth1"John Locke
Natural rights and civil society 42
Robert Nozick
Distributive justice 49
2. Kant and contractarianism 58
Introduction 58
Immanuel Kant
The categorical imperative 69
Onora O`Neill
Treating others as persons 81
John Rawls
A contractarian theory of justice 90
3. Utilitarianism 99
Introduction 99
John Stuart Mill
Utilitarianism 108
J.J.C. Smart
Utilitarianism and its applications 115
Richard B. Brandt
The real and alleged problems of utilitarianism 122
Part II: Applications 131
4. Abortion 133
Introduction 133
Problem case 141
Alan Donagan
A natural law account of the moral status of the fetus 142
R.M. Hare
A Kantian approach to abortion 147
Laura Purdy and Michael Tooley
Is abortion murder? 157
5. Euthanasia 167
Introduction 167
Problem case 175
Germain Grisez and Joseph M.Boyle, Jr.
Euthanasia 176
David A. j. Richards
Moral principles constitutive of the right to life 184
James Rachels
The morality of euthanasia 193
6. Punishment and the death penalty 199
Introduction 199
Problem case 209
Thomas Hurka
Rights and capital punishment 210
Immanuel Kant
The right to punish 217
Jonathan Glover
Execution 222
7. Pornography and censorship 231
Introduction 231
Problem case 239
Harry M. Clor
Law, virtue, and sex 240
Judith Wagner Decew
Violent pornography 246
Joel Feinberg
Harm, offense, and obscenity 256
8. Controlling risks: AIDS and other dangers 265
Introduction 265
Problem case 275
Grant Gillett
AIDS and confidentiality 276
Alan Gewirth
Human rights and the prevention of cancer 283
Lawrence O. Gostin, William J. Curran, and Mary E. Clark
The case against compulsory casefinding in controlling AIDS 295
9. Roles and careers 306
Introduction 306
Problem case 315
Milton Friedman
The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits 316
Dorothy Emmet
Roles, professions, and moral responsibility 322
Alex C. Michalos
The loyal agent`s argument 329
10. Future generations 341
Introduction 341
Problem case 350
James L. Hudson
Rights and the further future 351
David A.J. Richards
Contractarian theory, intergenerational justice, and energy policy 358
Derek Parfit
Energy policy and the further future: the identity problem 367
11. Morality in war 377
Introduction 377
Problem case 385
Robert L. Phillips
Jus in Bello 386
Anthony E. Hartle
Humanitarianism and the laws of war 394
R.B. Brandt
Utilitarianism and the rules of war 400

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