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Autoriai: Edited by J.M. BELL, SUSAN MENDUS
Metai: 1988
ISBN: 0521368561
Leidykla: Cambridge : Cambridge Univ. Press
Brūkšninis kodas: 4202201
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     A volume of papers arising from the Royal Institute of Philosophy conference on. Philosophy and Medical Welfare. Participants included doctors, nurses and administrators in the field of health care as well as academics in the disciplines of philosophy, economics and politics and the volume is intended for all these categories of readership.

Preface V
List of contributors VII
A death of one`s own 1
Martin Hollis
Heroic measures and false hopes 17
Robert E. Goodin
Quality of life and resource allocation 33
Michael Lockwood
Good, Fairness and QALYs 57
John Broome
More and better justice 75
John Harris
How much is due to Health Care providers?
Albert Weale
Ethics and efficiency in the provision of Health Care 111
Alan Williams
Index of names 127
Index of subjects 129

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