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Metai: 1993
ISBN: 0231080166
Leidykla: New York : Columbia University Press
Brūkšninis kodas: 4036669
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     Biomedical policy calls for a critical synthesis of work in bioethics and public policy analysis. The essays collected here are pioneering efforts to forge that synthesis. Each makes an important statement; collectively, they represent the finest thinking available on ethical and social issues in health care rationing, and genetic and reproductive technologies. Emerging issues in biomedical policy is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand or take part in the ongoing debates on these issues in the future.

General introduction to emerging issues in biomedical policy:
An annual review vii
Part I
Debates over Authority in medical decision making
Introduction 3
Andrea L. Bonnicksen
1. End-of-life medicine, law, and ethics: a twilight zone 19
William J. Winslade
2. Physician refusal of requests for futile or ineffective interventions 31
John J. Paris and Frank Reardon
3. Refusing demands for attempted resuscitation: Ethics and hospitality policy 42
Tom Tomlinson
4. The bioethical revolution of 1988: The future of the futility controversy 55
Robert Baker and Martin Strosberg
5. Evolving trends for advance directives 77
Marion Danis And Larry Churchill
6. A case of individualized decision making 86
Timothy E. Quill
7. Reflection on Washington States` initiative 119
Albert R. Jonsen
8. Washington State`s “Death with dignity” initiative 99
Robert W. Wood and Ralph Mero
9. Selective termination and moral risk:Choises and responsibility 115
Richard M. Zaner and Mark D. Fox
10. In utero treatment: Fetal surgery 136
Eugene Pergament
Part II
New challenges in biomedical experimentation
Introduction 149
Robert H. Blank
11. Overview: challenges for the 1990s 156
Charles R. McCarthy
12 Women as research subjects: New priorities, new questions 169
Carol Levine
13 International AIDS vaccine trials 189
Joan Porter, Marta Glass, AND Wayne Koff
14 Human fetal and embryo research:
Lysenkoism in reverse – how and why? 200
John C. Fletcher
15. Brain development, personal identity, and neurografts 232
Mary B. Mahowald
16. Ending the experiment:
Dilemmas of the experimental/ therapeutic distinction 247
Deborah Mathieu
17. Economic incentives in clinical investigation 264
Arnold E. Relman
About the contributors 269

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