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Autoriai: Edited by CYNTHIA B. COHEN
Metai: 1988
ISBN: 0-253-31321-X
Brūkšninis kodas: 4202197
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     Is it ever right to stop medical treatment for patients, knowing that this may mean their death? When should a person be pronounced dead? Who should make these decisions doctors and nurses, judges, the government, ethics committees, or patients and their families? Should economic considerations play a role in their choices? Legal considerations?

Part I:
Making treatment decisions – the decisionmaking process
1. Whose decision? The case of Roy Gantos 3
Commentary by Susan M.Wolf
2. A question of capacity: The case of Megan O`Rourke 8
Commentary by Dan W. Brock
Part II:
Specific treatment modalities
A. Long-term life supporting technology – ventilators and dialysis
3. Communication problems: The case of Horace Berlin 17
Commentary by Eric J. Cassell
4. Ethics or the law? The case of Susan Pagari 23
Commentary by Harold Edgar
5. Pirate`s beer: The case of Richard Fallon 29
Commentary by Bruce Jennings
6. “But he never told me not to “: The case of Jim Adams 34
Commentary by Eric J. Cassell
B. Emergency interventions – Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and life-threatening bleeding
7. Was she ready to die? The case of grandmother Chang 38
Commentary by Ruth Oratz
8. The patient as stranger: The case of Mr. Jaworski 42
Commentary by David H. Miller
9. “I`ve lived long enough”: The case of Sarah Green 46
Commentary by Paul Homer and Harry R. Moody
10. Life versus religious liberty:The case of Jamal Burke 51
Commentary by Susan M. Wolf
C. Medical procedures for supplying nutrition and hydration
11. Too sick to eat: The case of Joseph 55
Commentary by Daniel Callahan
12. “No patient of mine will ever starve to death!”: The case of Mrs. Franklin 59
Commentary by Lois K. Evans
D. Antibiotics and other life-sustaining treatment
13. Shadows from the Holocaust: The case of Rachel and David 65
Commentary by Bruce Jennings
14. The old man`s friend: The case of Carl Jurgen 70
Commentary by Ellen Olson
E. Palliative care and relief of pain
15. Gambling on palliation: The case of Doris Van Cleve 76
Commentary by Ruth Oratz
16. Morpheus or death: The case of Nicholas Miklovich 81
Commentary by Joanne Lynn
Part III:
Prospective planning: Advance directives
17. Poetic license: The case of Theo 87
Commentary by Cynthia B. Cohen
18. “Macho man”: The case of Antonio Ruiz 92
Commentary by Michael C. Cantor
Part IV:
Declaring death
19. Crossin over: The case of Mrs. Larson 101
Commentary by Ronald E. Cranford
20. The long dying: The case of “Flip” Harrow 105
Commentary by Robert M. Veatch
Part V:
Policy considerations
A. ethics committees
21. By what authority? The case of Mario Costanza 113
Commentary by Cynthia B. Cohen
22. Too terrible to accept: The case of Maisie Wedmore 118
Commentary by Ronald E. Cranford
B. Institutional policies for patient admissions and transfers
23. No place else to go: The case of Ernest Brown 122
Commentary by Joanne Lynn
24. Trapped in “the system”: The case of Sam Jones 126
Commentary by Mathy Mezey
C. The use of economic considerations in decisions concerning life-sustaining treatments
25. The costs of addiction: The case of Rita Anderson 130
Commentary by Robert M. Veatch
26. When is patient care not costworthy? The case of Gertrude Handel 134
Commentary by Dan W. Brock
Bibliography 141
Index 157

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