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ISBN: 0-300-04719-3
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     The book provides an up-to-date and accessible analysis of the challenges that AIDS presents to our health care workers and institutions and thus will be an invaluable resource for meeting those challenges in a fair, compassionate, and knowledgeable manner.

Acknowledgments, ix
List of contributors, xi
Part One Policies and priorities: planning for the 1990s
Lawrence O. Gostin
Preface: Hospitals, Health care professionals, and persons with AIDS, 3
C. Everett Koop
Introduction: Setting priorities and developing policies for the next decade, 13
Part Two Prevention, treatment, care, and dignity
Kenneth H. Mayer
1. The natural history of HIV infection and current therapeutic strategies, 21
David G. Ostrow and Jeff Stryker
2. Neuropsychiatric aspects of HIV disease, 32
Carol Levine
3. In and out of the hospital,45
Ronald Bayer
4. Perinatal transmission of HIV infection: The ethics of prevention, 62
Part Three Patient`s rights and public health: Confidentiality, duty to warn, and discrimination
Robert J. Blendon and Karen Donelan
5. AIDS and discrimination: Public and professional perspectives, 77
Wendy E. Parmet
6. An antidiscrimination law: Necessary but not sufficient, 85
Bernard M. Dickens
7. Confidentiality and the duty to warn, 98
Part Four The threat to health care workers: Assessment and reponse
David M. Bell
8. HIV infection in health care workers: occupational risk and prevention, 115
Allan M. Brandt, Paul D. Cleary, and Lawrence O. Gostin
9. Routine hospital testing for HIV: Health policy considerations, 125
Part Five Professional responsibility
Troyen A. Brennan
10. Occupational transmission of HIV: An ethical and legal challenge, 143
Albert R. Jonsen
11. The duty to treat patients with AIDS and HIV infection, 155
Part Six Balancing hope and risk: Regulation of biomedical research
Margaret A. Hamburg and Anthony S. Fauci
12. HIV infection and AIDS: Challenges to biomedical research, 171
George J. Annas
13. Faith (Healing), hope, and charity at the FDA: The politics of AIDS drug trials, 183
Part Seven The price: Financing, reimbursement systems, and the financial impact on providers
Daniel M. Fox and Emili H. Thomas
14. The cost of AIDS: Exaggeration, entitlement, and economics, 197
Lawrence Bartlett
15. Financing health care for persons with AIDS: balancing public and private responsibilities, 211
Donald H.J. Herman
16. Institutional and professional liability, 221
Part Eight The international perspective
Jonathan Mann
Afterword: AIDS and health workers from a global perpective, 223
Notes, 239
Index, 287

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