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Metai: 2002
ISBN: 9042015977
Leidykla: Amsterdam ; New York : Rodopi
Brūkšninis kodas: 003075227136
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     There has been a growing recognition of the importance of mathematical and statistical methods in the history of medicine, particularly in those areas where statistical methods are a sine qua non such as epidemiology and randomised clinical trials. Despite this expanding scholarly interest, the development of the mathematical and statistical technologies in the biological sciences has not been examined systematically. This collection of essays aims to provide a broader overview of this field, and to explore the use of these with the use of these quantitative technologies in medical and clinical cultures from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries.
     The Wellcome Series in the History of Medicine provides a regular and active forum for the publication of research into the history of medicine and health care in all their branches in various cultures and all time periods.

i Contributors
iii Preface
Eileen Magnello and Anne Hardy
1 1. Death and Method: The Rhetorical Space of Seventeenth-Century
Vital Measurement
Philip Kreager
37 2. 'The Merchant's Logick': Numerical Debates over Smallpox
Inoculation in Eighteenth-Century England
Andrea Rusnock
55 3. The Annual Report of the Registrar General, 1839-1920:
A Textual History
Edward Higgs
77 4. Metrological Awakenings: Rationalising the Body Electric in
Nineteenth-Century Medicine
John Senior
95 5. The Introduction of Mathematical Statistics into Medical
Research: The Roles of Karl Pearson, Major Greenwood
and Austin Bradford Hill
Eileen Magnello
125 6. Almroth Wright, Vaccine Therapy and British Biometrics:
Disciplinary Expertise versus Statistical Objectivity
/ Rosser Matthews
149 Index

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