Marija Todorovska

Assistant Professor, Institute for philosophy Faculty of philosophy University “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje, Macedonia


  • Тоdorovska, M., “Interpretation and Implementation of UNESCO’s ‘Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights’”, JAHR, vol. 1, no. 1. 2010, pp. 51-61.
  • Todorovska, M., “The Point and Purpose of Sport – a Few Considerations”, JAHR, vol. 2, no. 3. 2011, pp. 127-137.
  • Tодоровска, М., „Интегративната биоетика и јавното здравје –  меѓу науката, правото и политиката“ (“Integrative bioethics and public health – Between Science, Law and Politics”), Филозофија, june 2011, no. 31, pp. 45-56. – also acted as co-editor of the thematic issue).
  • Todorovska, M., “Public Health Issues and Perspectives – Between Science, Politics and Bioethics”, Walter Schweidler (Ed.): Bioethics – Medicine – Politics. Proceedings of the 6th Southeast European Bioethics Forum, Belgrade 2010, Academia, Sankt Augustin, 2012, pp. 31-44.
  • Тодоровска M., „Заинтересирано (не)допаѓање – емотивизам и биоетички проблеми“ (“Interested (dis)like – emotivism and bioethical issues”), Наумоска Ј., Марија Тодоровска, прир., Аналитичка и/или континентална филозофија, Зборник на трудови, Филозофски факултет, Скопје, 2013, стр. 74-88 (Naumoska J., Marija Todorovska, eds., Analytical and/or Continental Philosophy, Collected Papers from World Philosophy Day 2012, Faculty of Philosophy, University Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, 2012).
  • Todorovska M., (abstracts only in Books of abstracts for presentations i’ve given) “Authority of Law and Issues of Bioethics”, 9th Losinj Days of Bioethics (2010); “Natural Law and Legal Positivism in Bioethical Disputes”, Bioethics – Sign of a New Era (Bioethics, Medicine, Law, Media), Ohrid International Bioethics Conference, (2011); “Principi pravednosti i solidarnosti u etici istraživanja – integrativna bioetika kao orijentacijska podloga (The Principle of Justice and of Solidarity in Research Ethics – Integrative Bioethics as Orientative Background“), Integrativno misljenje i nova paradigma znanja, Simpozium, Hrvatsko filozofsko drustvo (nov-dec 2013), “The Wisdom of Repugnance and the Challenges of the New Epoch”, Losinj Days of Bioethics (2014).

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