Roman Belyaletdinov

Junior Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow


  • Bioethics for Journalists. Authors: Boris Yudin, Pavel Tishchenko, Roman Belyaletdinov (
  • R.R. Belyaletdinov, E.G. Grebenshhikova, L.P. Kiyashchenko, O.V. Popova, P.D. Tishchenko, B.G. Yudin. Socio-humanitarian support for projects on personalized medicine: a philosophical aspect // Knowledge, Understanding, Mastering, Skill, 2014/4.
  • Belyaletdinov R.R. Analytical and practical approaches for the bioethical expertise // Humanitarian guides of scientific knowledge. To the 70th Anniversary of B. Yudin. Moscow, 2014, P. 216-220.
  • Belyaletdinov R.R. Nanotechnologies and Ethics / Scientific and technological development and applied Ethics. Moscow: institute of Philosophy, 2014. P. 38-53.
  • Belyaletdinov R.R. Universals of “enhanced evolution”: S. Fuller on conception of transhumanism by J. Harris // Working papers on Bioethics. Moscow, 2014. P. 34-47.

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