Signe Mezinska

University of Latvia, Faculty of Medicine

Riga East Clinical University Hospital Medical and Biomedical Research Ethics Committee


  • Mezinska S., Mileiko I. (2013). Risk Communication in Assisted Reproduction in Latvia: From Private Experience to Ethical Issues. Studia Philosophica Estonica, 6(2), 79-96.
  • Salmane-Kulikovska I., Mezinska S. (2013). ‘I had to help my child!’: The role of emotions, risk, and trust in use of nasal decongestants in children. Journal of Child Health Care, 17 (1), 41-52.
  • Mezinska S., Mileiko I. (2012). Metaphors of the Infertile Body: Talking about Assisted Reproduction in Latvia. The New Bioethics, 18 (1), 36–49.
  • Mezinska S., Mileiko I., Putnina A. (2012). Sharing responsibility in assisted reproduction: balancing relations and new knowledge in Latvia. Medical Studies, 3 (3), 185-196.
  • Dranseika V., Gefenas E., Cekanauskaite A., Hug K., Mezinska S., Peicius E., Silis V., Soosaar A., Strosberg M. (2011). Twenty Years of Human Research Ethics Committees in the Baltic States. Developing World Bioethics, 11 (1), 48–54.


  • “E-Education in Research Ethics: Central and  Eastern Europe Advanced Certificate program” Union Graduate College (Schenectady, USA), University of Vilnius (Vilnius, Lithuania), faculty member (since 2011)
  • COST project IS1201“Disaster Bioethics”, management committee member (2013 – present)
  • „Capacity building for interdisciplinary biosafety research”, researcher. The Centre for Bioethics and Biosafety, Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia, funded by European Social Fund (2011-2012)

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