Vents Silis

Riga Stradins University (Assistant Professor), Central Medical Ethics Committee of Latvia (Executive Secretary)


  • Silis, V. Neiders I. (2014) „National module for Latvia in the field of ethics and regulation of field research involving human participants” (in Latvian) – within Training and Resources for Research Ethics Evaluation (available online:
  • Neiders, I. Sile, V. Silis, V. (2013) „Truth-telling and the Asymmetry of the Attitude to Truth-telling to Dying Patients in Latvia”, Studia Philosophica Estonica, vol.6.2. pp. 55-78.
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  • Silis, V., (2010) Research Ethics System in Latvia: Structure, Functioning and Problems, DILEMATA – International Journal of Applied Ethics, No. 2, 55. – 69. lpp.

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