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Employees Jump at Genetic Testing. Is That a Good Thing?

Genetic disease risk screening is becoming a popular employee benefit. But the tests may not be all that beneficial for the general population, experts say. more

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Japan’s Unit 731 conducted sickening tests on Chinese. The perpetrators’ identities will now be revealed

A group of Japanese scholars is set to reveal the names of the members of a Japanese second world war germ warfare unit that infected and starved Chinese and allied POWs in a series of gruesome experiments. more

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Man’s second face transplant is a world first

A man in Paris has become the world’s first to successfully receive two facial transplants. more

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Chinese baby born four years after parents’ death

A baby has been born in China to a surrogate mother four years after his parents died in a car crash, Chinese media reported. more

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How Conjoined Twins Are Making Scientists Question the Concept of Self

Krista and Tatiana are conjoined at the skull, making them craniopagus twins. They may be scientific miracles, but they are also just eleven-year-old sisters: they play together, annoy each other, support each other, etc. At the borders of these daily … Tęsti skaitymą

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Parents vs Doctor: Who Is Really in Charge?

In the vast majority of cases, medical treatment decisions are made for children without much conflict between families and physicians. However, in an important minority of cases, conflict arises to varying degrees. more

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System has failed Alfie Evans, says father after court defeat

Alfie has a rare degenerative brain condition and has been at the centre of a life-support treatment battle. Parents lose legal battle over continuing life support for their 22-month-old son. more

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The shadow of eugenics

Eugenics is a science that seems to belong back in the darkest days of the 20th century. But today, ‘newgenics’ has people worried, as reproductive technologies make it increasingly possible to filter out certain genetic disorders. How does this affect … Tęsti skaitymą

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Teenagers urged to take part in meningitis B vaccine trial

Teenagers in Great Britain are being asked to take part in a study to learn if immunising them against meningitis B could protect them and other people. more

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What you need to know about right-to-try legislation

The US House of Representatives passed a federal “right-to-try” bill. The bill, backed by President Donald Trump, would give terminally ill patients the right to seek drug treatments that remain in clinical trials and have passed phase one of the … Tęsti skaitymą

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