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Metai: 1991
ISBN: 041506015X
Brūkšninis kodas: 4036688
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     Written by distinguished philosophers and academics from Europe, the USA and Australia, the essays collected in this volume examine subjects of continued concern and debate, such as the environment, personal relationships, terrorism and medicine. All the contributions were published in the Journal of Applied Philosophy during its first seven years.

Notes on the contributors vii
Acknowledgements x
Introduction 1
Part I The environment
1 Moral reasoning about the environment 9
R. M. Hare
2 On reasoning morally about the environment-response to R. M. Hare 21
Donald Hill
3 Original populations and environmental rights 26
Timo Airaksinen
4 Are there intrinsic values in nature? 37
T. L. S. Sprigge
5 A critique of deep ecology 45
William Grey
6 A critique of deep ecology? Response to William Grey 51
Alan R. Drengson
Part II Personal relationships
7 Human bonds 59
Brenda Almond
8 Parental rights 73
Edgar Page
9 Against couples 90
Paul Gregory
10 Love and lust revisited:
intentionality, homosexuality and moral education 96
J. Martin Stafford
Part III Terrorism, war and conflict
11 Terrorism and morality 113
Haig Khatchadourian
12 Area bombing, terrorism and death of innocents 128
Gerry Wallace
13 Extraordinary evil or common malevolence? Evaluating the Jewish Holocaust 141
Douglas P. Lackey
14 Response to Douglas P. Lackey 156
M. Kriþan
15 Oskar Schindler and moral theory 159
M. W. Jackson
16 The case for pacifism 166
Richard Norman
Part IV Justice and equality
17 Equity as an economic objective 183
Julian Le Grand
18 The concept, and conceptions, of justice 196
Antony Flew
19 Welfare state versus welfare society? 202
Anthony Skillen
20 Market equality and social freedom 217
Martin Hollis
21 Paternalism and the criminal law 226
Richard Tur
Part V Ethics and medicine
22 Thinking critically in medicine and its ethics:
relating applied science and applied ethics 245
Daniel A. Moros, Rosamond Rhodes, Bernard Baumrin ? James J. Strain
23 Public bodies, private selves 260
Sandra E. Marshall
24 Donation, surrogacy and adoption 272
Edgar Page
25 Gifts of gametes:
reflections about surrogacy – comment on Page 284
Jennifer Trusted
26 The market for bodily parts:
Kant and duties to oneself 288
Ruth F. Chadwick
27 A fortnight of my life is missing:
a discussion of the status of the human pre-embryo 299
Alan Holland
28 Defining death 312
Alister Browne
Notes on the society for applied philosophy 322
Index 323

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