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Metai: 2003
ISBN: 0534584411
Leidykla: Belmont : Thomson Wadsworth
Brūkšninis kodas: 003074958420
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     This up-to-date and highly respected collection offers readers a rich spectrum of pro and con discussion. Contemporary Issues in Bioethics includes readings by many of the world's top scholars in the medical ethics field, in addition to key court cases. Tom L. Beauchamp and LeRoy Walters begin with a reviewer-praised overview of ethical theory that includes feminist theory, virtue ethics, and care theory now updated to reflect the most contemporary ethical theories and debates about method in bioethics. Beauchamp and Walters preface each chapter with an introduction that places the essays in context and surveys the chapter's major arguments and points of view. In a new feature for this edition, biographical sketches introduce the reader to each author. Current bibliographies at the ends of chapters identify the most important recent literature and suggest ways to pursue topics in greater depth.

      In this completely updated Sixth Edition: The new topics of bioterrorism and human embryonic stem cell research debated in 10 provocative, timely essays An updated discussion of the global AIDS epidemic that includes Third World
perspectives Considerably expanded material on end-of-life decision making and physician-assisted death, managed care and rationing, maternal/fetal relations, cloning, and animal research and animal welfare. Substantially revised introductions to all chapters reflecting current debate.

1 Pt. I. Introduction to ethics
1 Ch. 1. Ethical theory and bioethics
39 Pt. II. Justice and autonomy in health care
39 Ch. 2. Justice in access to health care
109 Ch. 3. Autonomy rights and medical information
179 Pt. III. Life and death
179 Ch. 4. End-of-life decisionmaking
263 Ch. 5. Abortion and maternal-fetal relations
345 Pt. IV. Biomedical research and technology
345 Ch. 6. Research involving human and animal subjects
451 Ch. 7. Eugenics and human genetics
563 Ch. 8. Reproductive technologies and human embryonic stem cell research 665 Pt. V. Public health
665 Ch. 9. The global AIDS epidemic and the threat of bioterrorism.

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