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Metai: 1998
ISBN: 0195090071
Leidykla: New York ; Oxford : Oxford University Press
Brūkšninis kodas: 003074958529
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     "The author's unique analysis provides an original contribution to the literature and should be read by anyone interested in the philosophical principles that guide biomedical research and by those involved in the development of guidelines and policies. For those who participate in research involving humans or animals and for anyone involved in multinational research, this book should be kept readily available as an important resource." - The New England Journal of Medicine.
     "[This is]... the first time this material has been brought together... it must be considered an important contribution to the literature itself." - The Journal of the American Medical Association.
     "This is a book I strongly recommend to a broad audience of readers. Written by the well-known American bioethicist Baruch Brody, it summarizes the results of more than a decade of research. To conclude, Brody's book is a most valuable contribution to biochemical research ethics and bioethics. It provokes philosophical inquiry about the meaning of research policies in particular, and moral reasoning in general. It also provides an unprecedented international perspective as well as an illuminating and critical analysis of the specific problems of biomedical research. These features make this book one of the most promising in the field of research ethics." - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy.
     "... identifies and summarizes the evolution of policies and emerging issues in research ethics... useful resource... could be used as a core text for the human subjects portion of a research ethics class ... discusses a wide range of policies." - Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law.
     "... a good volume... will acquaint a North American readership with hard to find and useful resources."  - Hastings Center Report.
     "This informative book offers a superb comparative ethico-legal analysis of international biomedical research policies This book is appropriate for all persons concerned with ethics in biomedical research, and is especially useful for those with an interest in com�parative bio-policy."  - Religious Studies Review.

1 The Use of Animals in Research
2 Research on Human Subjects
3 Epidemiological Research
4 Genetic Research
5 Reproductive and Fetal Research
6 Research Involving Vulnerable Subjects
7 Clinical Trials
8 Research and the Drug/Device Approval Process
9 Research Involving Women and Members of Minority Groups
10 Philosophical Reflections

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