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ISBN: 90-420-0861-X
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     Modernising scientific medicine emerged in the nineteenth century as an increasingly powerful agent of change in a context of complex social developments. Womens' lives and expectations in particular underwent a transformation in the
years after 1870 as education, employment opportunities and political involvement extended their personal and gender horizons. For women, medicine came to offer not just treatment in the event of illness but the possibilities of participation in medical practise, of shaping social policies and political understandings, and of altering the biological imperatives of their bodies. The essays in this collection explore various ways in which women responded to these challenges and opportunities and sought to use the power of modernising Western medicine to further their individual and gender interests.
     The Wellcome Series in the History of Medicine provides a regular and active forum for the publication of research into the history of medicine and health care in all their branches in various cultures and all time periods.

iii Contributors
v Preface
Lawrence Conrad, Anne Hardy
1 Introduction
Anne Marie Rafferty
1. 9 Women and Macho Medicine
Ann Dally
2. 23 'Colonising Women':
Female Medical Practice in Colonial India, 1880-1890 Anne Witz
3. 53 From Bedpan to Revolution:
Qui Jin and Western nursing
Bridie Andrews
4. 73 'Run by Women, (mainly) for Women':
Medical Women's Hospitals in Britain, 1866-1948
Mary Ann Elston
5. 109 Women Doctors and Gender Identity in Weimar Germany,
Cornelie Usborne
6. 127 A Suitable Job for a Woman:
Women Doctors and Birth Control to the Inception of the NHS Lesley A. Hall
7. 149 Listening to the Ga:
Cicely Williams' Discovery of Kwashiorkor on the Gold Coast Jennifer Stanton
8. 173 Smooth, Speedy, Painless, and Still Midwife Delivered?
The Dutch Midwife and Childbirth Technology
in the Early Twentieth Century Hilary Marland
9. 195 Ergot to Ergometrine: An Obstetric Renaissance?
E. M. Tansey
10. 217 'Andromeda Freed from her Chains': Attitudes Towards Women and the Oral Contraceptive Pill, 1950-1970
Lara Marks
11. 245 Pioneers of Infertility Treatment
Naomi Pfeffer
12. 263 An Anatomy of Desire:
Gender and Difference in Sex Therapy
Cassandra Lorius
283 Index

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