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ISBN: 9-781-5914-70670
Brūkšninis kodas: 003075097609
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     Population aging, technological advances, and new sociolegal attitudes are radically changing the meanings and experiences of dying and death. Phillip Kleespies offers us a sober, judicious overview of the novel choices that professionals, patients, and their families must make concerning end-of-life care. Life and Death Decisions helps us to assess where we are and where we are heading.
     - W. Andrew Achenbaum, PhD, Professor of History and Social Work, University of Houston, Houston, TX; past chair, National Council on the Aging Challenging psychologists to assume a more active role in the care of people who are dying and the ethical issues surrounding end-of-life care, Dr. Kleespies thoroughly reviews the literature, provides well-reasoned arguments dealing with difficult end-of-life issues, and gives practical suggestions for clinical interventions. This book will be an invaluable resource to all mental health practitioners involved in end-of-life care.
     - Mary L. S. Vachon, RN, PhD, psychotherapist in private practice; Associate Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto, Canada; Clinical Consultant, Wellspring. Why do so many terminally ill people continue to experience stress and suffering despite advances in palliative care and the affirmation of patients' rights for self-determination? Dr. Kleespies makes an informed and, yes, an urgent case for consideration of psychological factors that can make all the difference in the final phase of life.
     - Robert Kastenbaum, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University,  Tempe; author of The Psychology of Death

xi Preface
xiii Acknowledgments
3 Introduction
9 Chapter 1. Modern End-of-Life Issues: An Overview
27 Chapter 2. Ethical and Legal Issues in End-of-Life Decisions
55 Chapter 3. The Wish to Die: Decisions That Do Not Prolong
or May Hasten the Dying Process
81 Chapter 4. The Wish to Die: Assisted Suicide and Voluntary Euthanasia
109 Chapter 5. The Wish to Prolong Life
129 Chapter 6. Alternatives in Care Near the End of Life
147 Chapter 7. The Psychologist's Role in End-of-Life Care
163 Chapter 8. Concluding Thoughts on Suffering, Dying, and Choice
169 References
189 Author Index
195 Subject Index
203 About the Author

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