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ISBN: 1-58829-434-X
Brūkšninis kodas: 003076433864
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     This groundbreaking volume is the first to analyze how and to what extent bioethics considerations influence today's judges. Previous books have attended to the law that governs bioethics problems, but Bioethics in Law is the first to examine when and how bioethical issues impact judicial reasoning and decision-making....


  The author undertakes careful analysis of health care committee recommenda­tions, institutional review board determinations, bioethics commission reports, bio­ethics research materials, briefs of bioethics amicus curiae, and bioethics expert tes­timony that has been used in legal proceedings during the last decade. Through such examination, Bioethics in Law is able to offer critical insight into the ways that judges have invited, accepted, relied on, followed, critiqued, ignored, rejected, overridden, transformed, and otherwise responded to bioethics communications. This volume is on the cutting-edge of the relationship of bioethics to law, and explores how law receives, assesses, and uses bioethics. Unlike previous treatments, which perceive the relationship between law and bioethics in an abstract or idealized sense, this book presents actual communications that have found their way to law, and then analyzes

  • First book in the emerging interdisciplinary field of bioethics in law

  • Systematically addresses Daubert and bioethics testimony

  • Analyzes transcripts of bioethics testimony

  • Examines the influence of bioethical considerations on judicial reasoning


     Introduction: At the Interface of Bioethics and Law. How Does Bioethics Help Judicial Reasoning' Health Care Ethics Committee Determinations. Institutional Review Board Determinations. Bioethics Commission Reports. Bioethics Scholarship. Reliability of Bioethics Testimony: General Acceptance. Reliability of Bioethics Testimony: Peer Review and Publication. Reliability of Bioethics Testimony: Experience. Conclusion: Prospects for the Future. Index.

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