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ISBN: 0-19-50446-0
Brūkšninis kodas: 4202190
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     Mental health professionals face many complex questions in the course of their work with clients and patients. Among the most difficult are dilemmas that involve ethical issues. This book presents a forthright exploration of these dilemmas and the ethical considerations they raise. Drawing on extensive interviews, the author identifies common ethical problems that practitioners encounter. What happens, for example, when personal interests intrude into therapy? How can the therapist make an accurate assessment of his or her appropriateness as a care provider for a particular patient?
How are problematic financial arrangements best addressed?

Introduction 3
1 Ethical dilemmas in everyday practice 6
2 Ethics and negative effects of psychotherapies 30
3 Ideologies of psychotherapies and the values of psychotherapists 43
4 Ethical challenges of individual psychotherapy 60
5 Ethical issues of group and dyadic therapies: A comparative approach 74
6 The ethical minefield of marital and family therapies 90
7 Ethical issues in organizational therapy 106
8 Legal and ethical issues 122
9 Where we are now, where we go from here 140
References 151
Index 165

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