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Metai: 1990
ISBN: 0896031934
Leidykla: Clifton : Humana Press
Brūkšninis kodas: 4036686
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     JUDGING MEDICINE attacks some of the most controversial and contentious issues in modern medicine, explores their legal and ethical aspects, and makes recommendations for their resolution in ways that enhance self-determination and social justice.

Foreword, Daniel Callahan v
Preface to the softcover edition ix
Preface xi
Patients rights
The hospital: a human rights wasteland 4
The emerging Stowaway: patients rights in the 1980s 27
Breast cancer: the treatment of choice 36
Beyond the good Samaritan: should doctors be required to provide essential services? 42
Adam Smith in the emergency room 46
Sex in the delivery room: is the nurse a boy or a girl? 53
Redefining parenthood and protecting embryos 59
Artificial insemination: beyond the best interests of the sperm donor 66
Contracts to bear a child: compassion or commercialism? 72
The baby broker boom 77
Surrogate embryo transfer: the perils of patenting 82
Pregnancy and birth
Fetal neglect: pregnant women as ambulatory chalices 91
Medical paternity and wrongful life 97
Righting the wrong of wrongful life 102
Is a genetic screening test ready when the lawyers say it is? 108
Homebirth: autonomy vs safety 114
Forced cesareans: the most unkindest cut of all 119
Disconnecting the baby Doe hotline 126
Baby Doe redux: doctors as child abusers 132
Checkmating the baby Doe regulations 137
Reproductive liberty
Abortion and the Supreme Court: round II 147
Let them eat cake 153
Parents, children, and the Supreme Court 158
The irrelevance of medical judgment 164
Roe v Wade reaffirmed 169
Reaffirming Roe v Wade, again 174
Medical practice
Medical malpractise 183
Doctors sue lawyers: malpractice inside out 191
Confidentiality and the duty to warn 195
Who to call when the doctors is sick 201
CPR: the beat goes on 207
CPR: when the beat should stop 212
The mentally retarded and mentally ill patient
Denying the rights of the retarded: the case of Phillip Becker 219
A wonderful case and an irrational tragedy: the Phillip Becker case continues 226
Sterilization of the mentally retarded: a decision for the Courts 232
Refusing medication in mental hospitals 238
The incompetent person`s right to die: the case of Joseph Saikewicz 244
The case of Mary Hier: when substituted judgment becomes sleight of hand 251
Death, dying and refusing medical treatment
The case of Karen Ann Quinlan: legal comfort for doctors 261
No fault death: after Saikewicz 267
Brother Fox and the dance of death 273
Help from the dead: the cases of brother Fox and John Strar 279
Quality of life in the Courts: Earl Spring in fantasyland 285
When suicide prevention becomes brutality: the case of Elizabeth Bouvia 290
Elizabeth Bouvia: whose space is this anyway? 297
Do feeding tubes have more rights than patients?: the case of Paul Brophy 302
The case of Claire Conroy: when procedures limit rights 309
Prisoner in the ICU: the tragedy of William Bartling 317
Government regulation
Good as gold: report on the National Commission 325
All the President`s bioethicists 334
Creationism: monkey laws in the Courts 340
Life forms: the law and the Courts 346
Prison hunger strikes: why motive matters 352
Transplantation and implants
Defining death: there ought to be a law 365
The prostitute, the playboy and the poet: rationing schemes for organ transplantation 370
Life, liberty and the pursuit of organ sales 378
Baby Fae: the “Anything goes” school of human experimentation 384
Consent to the artificial heart: the lion and the crocodiles 391
The phoenix heart: what we have to lose 397
No cheers for temporary artificial hearts 402
References 407
Index 423

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