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Pavadinimas: ETHICAL ISSUES IN DEATH AND DYING second edition
ISBN: 0-231-06223-0
Brūkšninis kodas: 4202180
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     The second edition of Ethical Issues in Death and Dying offers the best informed thinking on the subject available today. Thoroughly updated, with most articles new to this edition, the volume discusses ethical issues on death and dying as they confront us in the practice of medicine, in legal statutes and judicial decisions, and in our personal lives.
     In addition to a range of articles on specific ethical topics, the book contains excerpts from several widely publicized legal cases. Covered here are today's most significant issues on death and dying: Truthtelling with the terminally ill patient; Problems of defining death and determining when death has occurred; Selective nontreatment of handicapped newborns;  Physicians` responsibilities to critically ill and dying patients;  Euthanasia; Suicide;  Presenting the most current information available, the second edition of Ethical; Issues in Death and Dying will be as valuable as its acclaimed predecessor.

Preface ix
Part 1. Truthtelling 1
1. Changes in physicians` attitudes toward telling the cancer patient 5
Dennis H. Novack, Robin Plumer, Raymond L. Smith, Herbert Ochitill,
Gary R. Morrow, and John M. Bennett
2. On telling patients the truth 15
Mack Lipkin
3. Bearing the news 19
Saul S. Radovsky
4. Truthtelling in medicine 25
Robert F. Weir
5. Cobbs v. Grant 48
Part 2. The definition and determination of death 53
6. Defining death anew: Technical and ethical problems 59
Robert M. Veatch
7. A proposed uniform determination of death act 80
President’s commission for the study of ethical problems in medicine
8. Guidelines for the determination of death 89
Report of the medical consultants to the president’s commission
9. Defining death in theory and practice 96
James L. Bernat, Charles M. Culver, and Bernard Gert
10. Commonwealth v. Golston 109
Supreme judicial court of Massachusetts
Part 3. Selective nontreatment of handicapped newborns 113
11. Moral and ethical dilemmas in the special-care nursery 119
Raymond S. Duff and A.G.M. Campbell
12. Passive euthanasia of defective newborn infants: Legal considerations 132
John A. Robertson and Norman Fost
13. Selective nontreatment of newborns 147
Richard Sherlock
14. Defective infants and their impact on families:
Ethical and legal considerations 152
Carson Strong
15. Clinical applications 162
Robert F. Weir
16. United states v. University hospital 171
U.S. District Court, E.D. New York
Part 4. Treatment abatement with critically ill patients 175
17. The physician’s responsibility toward hopelessly ill patients
Sidney H. Wanzer, S. James Adelstein, Ronald E. Cranford, Daniel D. Federman, Edward D. Hook, Charles G. Moertel, Peter Safar, Alan Stone, Helen D. Taussig, and Jan Van Eys
18. The right to refuse treatment: A model act 194
Legal advisers committee of concern for dying
19. The least worst death 205
M. Pabst Battin
20. Must patients always be given food and water? 215
Joanne Lynn and James F. Chidress
21. On feeding the dying 230
Daniel Callahan
22. Satz v. Perlmutter 234
District court of appeal of Florida
23. In the matter of Clair C. Conroy 237
Supreme Court of New Jersey
Part 5. Euthanasia 243
24. Active and passive euthanasia 249
James Rachels
25. Killing and letting die 257
Tom L. Beauchamp and James F. Childress
26. Justifying voluntary euthanasia 268
Peter Singer
27. Beneficent euthanasia and Benemortasia:
Alternative views of mercy 275
Arthur Dyck
28. Deciding for yourself: The objections 284
Daniel Maguire
29. People v. Montemarano 311
Nassau Country Court, New York
30. People v. Gilbert 313
Broward Country Court, Florida
Part 6. Suicide 317
31. What is suicide? 323
Tom L. Beauchamp
32. The morality and rationality of suicide 330
Richard B. Brandt
33. Suicide and covenant 345
Karen Lebacoz and H Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.
34. Preventing suicide 354
Edwin S. Shneidman
35. The ethics of suicide 367
Thomas S. Szasz
36. Bouvia v. Country of riverside 381
Riverside Superior Court, Riverside, California
Index 385

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