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Pavadinimas: CASE STUDIES IN BUSINESS, SOCIETY, & ETHICS second edition
Metai: 1989
ISBN: 0-13-119355-4
Brūkšninis kodas: 4202174
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     This second edition features fourteen new cases covering several contemporary topics including: accounting practices, insider trading and investment, internal ethical review, trade secrets and due diligence, commissions on sales, fair competition, corporate social policies, conflicts of interests, and confidentiality of information. In addition, an expanded, general introduction provides more material on the nature and use of the case method in business, and expanded chapter introductions are written in simple language for those new to the subject.

Preface XV
Acknowledgments XIX
Introduction: The uses of cases 1
Chapter 1
The employee 17
Polygraph tests at interscience publishing 21
The open door at IBM 26
Workplace safety
Du Pont’s policy of exclusion from the workplace 33
The DC-10`S defective doors 40
The reluctant security guard 48
Trade secrets and employee loyalty
Venture capital for Rubbernex 5
Chapter 2
The consumer, customer, client, and competitor 59
Kellogg cereals and children’s television advertising 63
Listerine antiseptic, colds, and sore throats 77
Procter and Gamble’s rely tampons 87
Commissions on sales at Brock Mason brokerage 95
Inside information
Small-time insider trading 99
Sharp competitive practices
Seizure of the S.W. Parcel 105
Chapter 3
The environment 108
Human health and safety
Reserve mining’s silver bay facility 112
Hooker chemical and love canal 121
Animal health and safety
The cosmetics industry and the Draize test 133
Pate at Iroquois brands 143
Species and wilderness preservation
Acid rain and the uses of coal 147
Chapter 4
The society 155
Social responsibility
New York state electric and gas corporate responsibility program 159
Lakewood bank and trust 162
Social and economic justice
Banning cigarette advertising 168
AIDS and the availability of AZT 177
Social policy on employment discrimination
MCaLEER V. AT and AT 182
Chapter 5
The Government 187
Regulation and the legislative process
The FCC’s fairness doctrine 191
Manufacture and regulation of Laetrile 197
Public policy and cost/benefit tradeoffs
The OSHA-Benzene case 203
Air bags and automobile manufacturers 212
Self-regulation and internal review
Peer review at Shamrock-Diamond 223
Conflict of interest
Consulting for Jones and Jones pharmaceutical 227
Chapter 6
The multinational 230
The international employee
John Higgins: An American goes native in Japan 234
Polaroid in and out of South Africa 240
The international consumer and client
Marketing infant formula 247
Confidentiality at Swiss bank corporation 260
Government relations
Italian tax mores 264
The bribery business 267

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