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Metai: 1989
ISBN: 0-8139-1184-2
Brūkšninis kodas: 4036690
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     "This is an excellent book. It informs the reader about the medical and historical facts surrounding various diseases, but more importantly, it focuses on the patient`s experience of each disease as it is suffered, diagnosed, and treated. The perspective of the person experiencing the disease is quite remarkable and powerfully drawn in these stories." -  James Childress, Edwin B. Kyle professor of religious studies and professor of medical education at the University of Virginia.

Preface ix
Introduction 1
I Diseases of the Soul 5
1. An island in a storm ALS 7
2. Whence the meaning of all this pain? Alzheimer`s 32
3. Cushing`s monsters Acromegaly 514.
4. October Miliary TB 69
5. Wilder had a sister Gliomas 87
6. Brother Damian MS 109
II Metabolic furnaces 129
7. The face of a wolf Lupus 131
8. The fear of flight Porhyrias 150
III Diseases of the heart 169
9. I grow old before my time Progeria 171
10. Fox-teeth AIDS 189
11. The smoker Carcinoma 212
IV Diseases of life 239
12. A cup of bitterness Suicide 241
13. Just looking Voyeurism 261
V Acute and chronic diseases 279
14. Faces frozen in time Parkinson`s 281
15. The marble palace Hodgkin`s 300
16 The vegetative heart Endocarditis 319
References 339

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