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Pavadinimas: PRINCIPLES OF BIOMEDICAL ETHICS second edition
ISBN: 0-19-503286-1
Brūkšninis kodas: 2888835
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     "Intellectually rigorous, it is written clearly and in nontechnical language. References abound." - American Journal of Law and Medicine.

     "Perhaps the best book in the field to date. The purpose of this book is a systematic analysis of the [ethical] principles that apply to biomedicine. The purpose is admirably fulfilled in the context of a rich and accurate sweep of medical
problems, cases, and social issues." - Virginia Seminary Journal.

1 Morality and ethical theory 3
Moral dilemmas and moral reasoning 3
Ethical theories and biomedical ethics 8
Tests of ethical theories 12
Moral and nonmoral action-guides 14
2 Utilitarian and deontological theories 19
Utilitarianism 20
Deontological theories 32
The place of rules 43
Rights 49
3 The principle of autonomy 59
The concept of autonomy 59
Informed consent 66
Refusal of treatment 90
Autonomous suicide 93
4 The principle of nonmaleficence 106
The concept of nonmaleficence 108
The principle of double effect 113
Killing and letting die 115
Optional and obligatory means of treatment 126
Proxy decision makers: Standards and procedures 136
5 The principle of beneficence 148
The concept of beneficence 148
Costs and benefits 160
Paternalism 168
6 The principle of justice 183
The concept of justice 184
Material principles of justice 187
Relevant properties 191
Fair opportunity 197
Macroallocation and health policy 201
Microallocation 209
7 Professional/Patient relationships 221
Rules of veracity 221
Rules of confidentiality and privacy 228
Rules of fidelity 237
Conflicts among contractual and role obligations 239
8 Ideals, virtues, and conscientious actions 255
Ideals 255
Virtues and character 260
Conscientious actions 268
Appendix I. Cases 281
Appendix II. Codes of ethics 329
Bibliography of suggested readings 349
Index 353

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