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Pavadinimas: WHAT IS A PERSON
Autoriai: Edited by MICHAEL F. GOODMAN
ISBN: 0-89603-034-2
Brūkšninis kodas: 4036682
Ieškoti VUB kataloge

     "Reflects the perspectives of nursing, philosophy, medicine, history, theology, law and public health. The authors have avoided use of discipline-specific technical language. Thus, these essays are accessible to those in various disciplines as well as interested laypersons." - Journal of Moral Education.

Preface vii
Contributors ix
Acknowledgments x
Introduction 1
Michael F. Goodman
The “Beginning” of human life: 29
Philosophical considerations
Daniel Callahan
Human being: The boundaries of the concept 57
Lawrence C. Becker
In defense of abortion and infanticide 83
Michael Tooley
The perils of personhood 115
Roslyn Weiss
Freedom of the will and the concept of a person 127
Harry G. Frankfurt
Conditions of personhood 145
Daniel C. Dennett
Medicine and the concept of person 169
H. Tristram Engelhardt
Once and future persons 185
W.R. Carter
Personhood and the conception event 199
Robert E. Joyce
Who shall count as a human being? 213
Sissela Bok
On the humanity of the fetus 229
Baruch Brody
Abortion: Listening to the Middle 251
Edward A. Langerak
The life of a person 265
Roland Puccetti
Human life vs human personhood 281
Robert Brungs
Kinds and persons 293
Peter A. French
Selected bibliography 309
Index 315

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